Deploy a web wallet with the SDK

The Pangea SDK powers Pangea Passport to manage users keys. You can use it to create your own wallet (web or mobile) with a fully customized UI to suite your needs.

We suggest one of the following strategies:

1. Deploy a web version of the Pangea Passport wallet

Run Pangea Passport and instead of compiling the Android and iOS applications, compile to web instead. Fork the repository to customize the UI.

Please contact us for assistance in deploying your bespoke solution.

2. Install the Pangea SDK in your project

Install the Pangea SDK in your project and manage identities directly.

How to use the SDK as a web wallet:

  1. Choose a KeyManager class implementation:

  2. Choose a Storage class implementation:

  3. Create a new user. We suggest you familiarize yourself with how this is done by looking at the integration tests by checking the User controller test which manages a Pangea Passport account and DID

  4. Get the KeyManager object from the User object

const keyManager = user.keyManager;
  1. Use the keyManager object for signatures. See the signData() function in the interface for signing data.

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